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Learn Hands-Only CPR From NCEMS and Save a Life

Hands-Only CPR Saves Lives

Hands-Only CPR has been proven to double or even triple the chance of survival for victims of sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital setting.

YOU can easily be the person to save someone's life.

Today, less than 25% of victims of sudden cardiac arrest receive help from bystanders - yet rapid response is critical to survival. Most bystanders fail to provide assistance - be it for fear of failure, fear of doing harm, or fear of germs/contracting an illness - yet it is better to do SOMETHING rather than nothing at all! For each minute a victim of sudden cardiac arrest is without CPR, survival rates drop by 10%.

Hands-Only CPR does NOT require Mouth to Mouth Breathing

Hands-Only CPR focuses on chest compressions (which keep the patient's blood flowing to vital organs) and the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) when available. Learning how to save a life by performing Hands-Only CPR will take only 30 minutes.

Learn Hands-Only CPR From NCEMS

NCEMS is proud to offer Hands-Only CPR training free to all New Canaan businesses, schools, community organizations, and church groups.

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