What Are They Doing Now?

New Canaan EMS: A Springboard to a Career

Most of our members have joined NCEMS with no previous healthcare experience, but have an interest in exploring healthcare, public policy, or medicine.

New Canaan EMS is a natural fit for those looking to learn more about these areas, and for many former members, NCEMS has been the springboard to a career in one of these disciplines.

Read some of their stories below.

Image of Laurie Nolan Kelley

Laurie Nolan Kelley

Vice President of Quality and Performance Improvement at St. Francis Hospital - the Heart Center

An active member for 13 years, Laurie joined NCEMS with no medical experience after the tragedies of September 11. Immediately hooked on Emergency Medicine, she went back to school and became an ER nurse, a paramedic, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice all while an active member. Laurie has taught nurses and residents at Dartmouth Hitchcock. "NCEMS was my inspiration and is like a second family!"

Image of Graham MacKenzie

Graham MacKenzie

Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist at Stamford Hospital and Paramedic at Greenwich EMS

Active member 2004-2011, started while at NCHS: "NCEMS is the reason I chose a career in medicine. It molded me into the great caregiver I am today. I was mentored by some of the most professional and caring volunteers during my tenure at NCEMS. I have worked on an ambulance for 16 years."

Al Tortorella

Volunteered at New Nanaan EMS in late 1980s

Al spent 2-3 years with New Canaan EMS and then went on to become a Paramedic. Since 1988, Al has continued to volunteer time with EMS. His recollections of New Canaan EMS include: "Great working alongside good experienced EMTs - great facilities and equipment".

Allie Widas

Attorney. Active Rider 2003-2010. Started with NCEMS as a Senior at NCHS.

"When I took the EMT class, I couldn’t imagine how much I would love being a volunteer EMT, both with NCEMS and in Vermont, where I went to college. The joys of helping people in your community, of learning from your patients and your colleagues, and of belonging to a community like NCEMS are so profound they are difficult to summarize. I still think of NCEMS as part of my family."

Image of Gregg Barratt

Gregg Barratt

Served as Captain, 1st Lt, 2nd Lt, President and EMS Commissioner during his 13 years with NCEMS

Greg went on to serve Monroe EMS for many years and has been a leader with the CT Critical Incident Stress team for more than 20 years. "My time with NCEMS was an amazing way to serve others as well as make great lifelong friends". Gregg is currently a SVP of Learning and Development at a Westport consulting firm, and is State Captain Patriot Riders of CT, and Director, Honor and Remember of CT

Jennifer Lord

Member of NCEMS for 16 years - former President, 2nd Lieutenant, and Training Officer

Jenn is the Emergency Management Program Manager for Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, a 300+ bed hospital with 8 regional medical centers and 4 outpatient facilities. "I wouldn't be in the career I am now in if it weren't for NCEMS. NCEMS was 'family' to my daughter Anna and me".

Image of Jeff Spindel

Jeff Spindel

Joined NCEMS as a NCHS Junior and Continued to Ride Summers/Vacations during College

After college, Jeff went on to medical school. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency in June '22 and is now a Cardiology Fellow at University of Kentucky Medical Center. "NCEMS was my start in medicine and couldn't have been a better way to get involved. NCEMS showed me how a real team works in medicine and is still the example I look to."

Image of Josh Eudowe

Josh Eudowe

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist working with complex PTSD and high risk Children and Adolescents

Dr. Eudowe also serves as the clinical director for several crisis response teams and instructs on trauma, crisis response, clinical assessment and care. Josh's 10 years of exposure to trauma and crisis while at NCEMS fueled his commitment to helping people work through physical and emotional trauma