Meet the Corps

Zach Harbage

Volunteer. Employed Full Time. Single.

Zach Harbage has been a dedicated EMT with NCEMS for over 12 years. He began his career as an EMT while a high school student at St. Luke’s. He stayed on with the Corps during his college years and even after he began full-time employment post-graduation. He loves being able to provide emergency care in the town where he grew up. He knows that even when off-duty, NCEMS EMTs are always around, ready and willing to provide care if needed. Through NCEMS, Zach has made lifelong friends and developed leadership skills - several reasons why he continues to ride as an EMT even though he now lives and works full time in New York City. On a recent weekend shift, Zach helped to save the life of a New Canaan Police Officer in medical distress. He makes time in his schedule to continue giving back to New Canaan because he knows first-hand the positive impact he has on the community.