Meet the Corps

Cindy Carey

Dedicated Volunteer. Traveling EMT!

Cindy Carey has been an EMT with NCEMS for over 11 years. She has always had an interest in medicine, beginning with a job at Mass General Hospital as a teenager. A busy Mom of three, she raised her family in New Canaan. After serving as President of South School’s PTC for several years she decided to try something different. She is deeply committed to NCEMS’s mission of ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ by helping out with medical emergencies. Her dedication is so strong that when she left New Canaan after 30 years to live in South Dartmouth, MA, she decided to continue riding with NCEMS. She still rides two or more shifts per month, driving to New Canaan and visiting with friends before or after her shifts. NCEMS is about community, connecting, and caring for each other. Cindy is a testament to that.