Meet the Corps

Casey Everett Famigletti

Mom. Volunteer. Advocate.

Casey Everett Famigletti is one of the newest members of New Canaan EMS. Born and raised in New Canaan, she is a busy mother of three.  

Emma St. Raymond

Student. Volunteer EMT.

Emma St. Raymond joined New Canaan EMS via our recruiting program at New Canaan High School seven months ago.  

Kelly Daniel

Entrepreneur. Mom. Volunteer.

Kelly Daniel has been a volunteer EMT for eight years. She is a realtor with Halstead and the founder / principal of Modern Day Auctions.  

Phil Sheibley

Captain of the Corps. Volunteer EMT.

Phil Sheibley has been with New Canaan EMS for over three years, and was elected Captain as of the fiscal year 2018.  

Russ Kimes

Volunteer Firefighter. Finance. Volunteer EMT.

Russ Kimes has been a volunteer EMT for 1 year. A current & lifetime resident of New Canaan, he currently works for Morgan Stanley.  

Troy Haynie

Educator. Softball Coach. Dad. Volunteer EMT.

Troy Haynie is one of the longest serving volunteer EMTs in our Corps. Troy has been with New Canaan EMS for 25 years.  

Michelle Buscher

Volunteer. Grandmother. Cyclist.

Michelle Buscher is one of our longest serving volunteers, with 18 years of experience.  

Cindy Carey

Dedicated Volunteer. Traveling EMT!

Cindy Carey has been an EMT with NCEMS for over 11 years. She has always had an interest in medicine, beginning with a job at Mass General Hospital as a teenager.  

Zach Harbage

Volunteer. Employed Full Time. Single.

Zach Harbage has been a dedicated EMT with NCEMS for over 12 years. He began his career as an EMT while a high school student at St. Luke’s.