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  • How do I contact New Canaan EMS if I have a medical emergency?

    Call 9-1-1 and explain the nature of your emergency to the dispatcher who answers your 9-1-1 phone call. Remain calm and stay on the phone – do not hang up!

  • Who responds when I call 911?

    The New Canaan Police are the designated first responders in town. Accordingly, a police officer will be dispatched to every 9-1-1 call. Once the 9-1-1 caller identifies the emergency as medical, New Canaan EMS will also be dispatched. If the emergency involves a fire, environmental hazard or need for extrication, New Canaan Fire will be dispatched as well.

  • How many people volunteer at New Canaan EMS?

    All members of New Canaan EMS are volunteers!  NCEMS has approximately 35 members - we are all certified EMTs who ride 12-15 hours each week responding to emergency medical calls.  Members also run the organization - we purchase and inventory ambulance supplies, schedule vehicle maintenance, pay bills, and coordinate continuing medical education classes and hands on drills. 

  • How much does NCEMS charge for its services?

    New Canaan EMS's emergency response and transport to Stamford or Norwalk Hospital is free of charge.

  • Where does New Canaan EMS get its funding?

    The Town of New Canaan funds approximately 88% of NCEMS's annual operating cost, the bulk of which consists of the contractual cost of providing 24 hour/day paramedic services.  The Town also covers the operating expenses associated with the New Canaan EMS HQ building, our vehicle repair and maintenance,  and the purchase of ambulance supplies.  

    New Canaan EMS's remaining operating costs are funded from the generous donations NCEMS receives from the townspeople of New Canaan each year.  New Canaan EMS  also uses community donations to purchase state of the art patient care equipment as needed.