Annual Letter

May 4, 2021
New Canaan EMS

Dear Friends,

As we all begin to feel hopeful and imagine life post-Covid, we want to thank you for being there for us!

The pandemic has taken so much, and like you, we mourn the loss of so many lives. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered loss, and we know that while our community, country, and world have experienced the unimaginable, we have immense hope for the future.

As members of New Canaan EMS, we have experienced the Coronavirus Pandemic in many different ways. As EMTs, we learned to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and greet patients from afar. We have turned to "Zoom" for meetings and our Continuing Medical Education program. We have missed waving from Main Street as we walk in the Memorial Day parade, teaching Hands Only CPR and Stop the Bleed. We miss showing off our ambulances at St. Mark's May Fair, visiting schools and having guests stop by our headquarters for visits and tours.

Every year, the volunteer EMTs of New Canaan EMS respond to hundreds of calls - usually some 2,000 annually - for assistance. The majority of these calls are medical, nearly a third involve trauma, and about one third of these calls require the Paramedic for advanced care. Due to the pandemic, each call now requires more time: time to put on PPE, time to follow improved cleaning and sanitizing practices, and time for additional documentation and training. Our efforts as EMTs go far beyond your trip to the hospital.

Throught the pandemic struggle, YOU have cared for us! So many of you donated meals and treats, gift cards to our local restaurants, equipment and messages of hope and inspiration. You have cheered us on and thanked us. We are deeply touched and grateful for YOU. Our future is bright!

We are grateful that the vaccines have become available and so many have taken advantage of that literal "shot in the arm" of hope. We encourage you to become vaccinated, and to continue wearing your masks, washing hands and practicing social distancing. While conditions have improved, the pandemic isn't over. It will take all of us, working together, to get our community and world back to "normal".

Stay positive, healthy and safe, and know that your 100% volunteer amubulance corps will continue to be available 24/7 to all in need. Please visit our website, or find us on Facebook and Instagram @NewCanaanEMS to learn more and stay connected. We thank you for your ongoing support and wish you well.

Thank you,


Barbara Clayton
Bonnie Rumilly
Lisa MacKenzie
Vice President
Troy Haynie
First Lieutenant